For the common people, release of small publications are done on pressing demands in a very lucid language. There is also the publication of Annual Number every year containing compilations from the classical writings of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Nolini Kanta Gupta with skilful editing works and the articles of renowned authors.

     Our publications are:
  • ‘Je Dhruba Pada Diyencha Bandhi’( a compilation of theMother’s writings on life-problems and their solutions)
  • ‘Sri Aurobinder Kalame’ ( compilation of Sri Aurobindo’s writings on burning problems and their solutions)
  • Secrets Unveiled( Historical talks given by Sri Surendra Mohan Ghosh at Sri Aurobindo Centre of Education,Pondicherry )
  • ‘Uttarer Ek Knoj’( a compilation from The Life Divine on current problems of civilization and their solutions)
  • ‘Sishur Samasya O Samadhan’( Child’s problems and their solutions)
  • ‘Gopan Sei Avijaner Rahasya’( on the Mystery of Creation as narrated by the Mother based on The Life Divine—a compilation)
  • ‘Dainandin Jibane Byabasthapana’( Daily Management in Life )
  • ‘Narir Sekal O Ekal’( On Women—Past and Present)