ClSri Aurobindo struggled unbelievably in the history of Mankind to get the root of solutions of all human vices of nature, constantly vitiate everything he undertakes in the name of any lofty ideals and ideas. Throughout the history of mankind, in the name of any ‘Ism’ world witnessed wars, revolutions, reconstructions, philanthropic works, what not ! But after initial good results, in one way history repeated itself, i.e. all the great accomplishments again were distorted by human vices of nature—prakriti. Therefore to get the exit route from all the pitfalls of human nature Sri Aurobindo explored the technology of transformation of human nature by his synthetic method of Yoga, a new Art of Living, which can be called technology of changing human consciousness through transmutation of human life. But he was not like old yogis, to remain in oblivion of the earthly happenings. Reversely he had constant contact with worldly sufferings in every field. And from his highest peak of consciousness he made a synthesis of matter and spirit.

To make known to the people of Sri Aurobindo’s revelations and to start an epitome of future cradle of civilization the Mother came in front to form Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, an experimental laboratory as a technology for transmutation of human life. But she did not confine herself by founding only the Ashram. Rather she said, ‘I have three steps of my action. My first action was the establishment of the Centre of Education. My second action is Auroville, my third action is Sri Aurobindo’s Action. This is the most important thing.’ Kireet Joshi, Registrar of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education recalls his memory: “I would like to remember when I was preparing something about Sri Aurobindo’s Action, I said, ‘After having understood what Mother wants to do for India, the solutions to the problems, I have come to the conclusion that Auroville is the content of Sri Aurobindo’s Action. And She said, ‘Yes, yes, it is true.”

On 5 June 1970 the Mother had given it an unusual name, ‘Sri Aurobindo’s Action’ – a society registered on 17th June, 1970. The Mother agreed to be the Permanent President and she nominated the Executive Committee. On 30th April, 1971 the Mother wrote: ‘The situation is serious. It is only a strong and enlightened action that can pull the country out of it.’ On 29th June, 1970 the Mother wrote a message for the purpose: ‘To speak well is good. To act well is better. Never let your actions be below your words.’ Thus, Sri Aurobindo’s Action was formed to promote the practical application of Sri Aurobindo’s ideas in all spheres, including commerce and industry.

As if in response to aspiration for new avenues and new energy for Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Sri Aurobindo devotees from Kolkata established contact with Sri Aurobido’s Action Pondicherry for formation of its West Bengal Chapter. A group was already formed there for the purpose and the State Chapter started in the Centenary year of Sri Aurobindo’s shifting from Baroda to Bengal in the last century.

Sri Aurobindo’s Action West Bengal was founded in the year 2007. It is an autonomous Trust formed in accordance with the Memorandum of Association of Sri Aurobindo’s Action Pondicherry.

Since then, Sri Aurobindo’s Action West Bengal has been working accordingly by the command the Mother had given in founding the Organization.